What is Pangæa?

Combining an LGBT-focused cabaret with a BDSM play party, Club Pangæa creates a one-of-a-kind social event while treating guests to a scandalous and spectacular stage show. Using primarily the mediums of drag and burlesque, performers explore the intersections of gender, sexuality, and self-expression. Musicians, fire-spinners, and kink performers make frequent appearances as well. Each performer brings their own passion and vision to the stage; while the show is unmistakably a group effort, each act is a unique creative endeavor. Together, the troupe produces an enticing cocktail that host and organizer HP Loveshaft describes as "one part choreography, one part improv, and two parts gin."


Pangæa stands apart from other parties by the warm and welcoming air which it maintains, despite, or perhaps because of, the intimidating nature of a "dungeon" event. Since its debut in 2012, the cast and guests have maintained an earnest hospitality. A refreshment table features professionally prepared hors-d'oeuvre, while poetry and art leaflets line the tables. An hour-long Consent Workshop in one of the playrooms not only creates a safer environment but gives new guests chance to connect with people. 


We believe in creating a safe space within the BDSM community for queer and trans* people, who we find to be under-represented at many local kink events, as well as Los Angeles at large. We do so by teaching consent while empowering our performers as subjects, rather than objects. We also support queer and trans* businesses, regularly showcasing makers of leather and vegan BDSM goods. Our goal is to build a strong and self-sustaining family within the larger Los Angeles kink scene.

Who are We?

HP Loveshaft

Host & Organizer

Fearless and often pantsless leader. Passionate about consent, polyamory, and a strong drink. 

Miss Harlow

Burlesque Performer

Lewd, lascivious, and lusty. 

Quinn Helix


Burlesque dancer, organization mistress, part-time bearded lady.

Zoë Freshkut

Drag Queen

More skin than you can handle. 

Niel N. Begfort

Deputy Cat Wrangler

Drag king, BDSM educator, and professional gentleman. 

Seraphina Wilder

Burlesque Perfomer

Mysterious and marvelous. 


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